No Bryce, plants don’t just grow out of the ground; they also grow into the air.
— Dr. Rudolf Becking (Grandfather)

BINARIUM – captured with a flatbed scanner, this series was created through movements, performances, and gestures (no Photoshop). The resulting images explore boundaries between physical & digital, nature & technology, form & energy, abstraction & representation, beauty & glitch, perception & reality.

While making the work, I found myself absorbed in the question of what does it mean for natural complexity to evolve to the point it can control its own evolution? Quickly on our way to seizing such power, what should we want to want? Closing this loop of nature raises the most perplexing and consequential questions of the 21st century.

Binarium was a personal meditation on the topic and acts as a simplified means to raise such questions in conversation and awareness more easily.

Visuals, ScanographyBryce Willem